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When doing Performance Testing or running Unit/Functional tests on a database, there is a need to periodically get the database to a known state, so that the tests behave in a predictable way and to get rid of all the data created by the tests. Some of the ways to get a clean database are.

Experience using DBDeploy on my project

Using DBDeploy on my project

2 minutes read

We have been using DBDeploy on my project for more than 6 months now and wanted to show how things are going. First lets talk about set up, we are using dbdeploy in our Java development environment with ANT as our build scripting tool, against a Oracle 10g database.

Why do Evolutionary Design

Why even think about Evolutionary Design

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Why do Evolutionary Design or Iterative Design or Incremental Design? Everyone who has not worked in an evolutionary manner asks this? My answer, if you think the system you designed is NOT GOING TO CHANGE EVER then sure you can do design once and deploy once and you are done, move on to next project. But tell me one project you have been on, that does not have any changes in requirements, changes in technology, changes in look and feel etc after it was deployed.

When does evolutionary design happen?

Why do evolutionary database design

3 minutes read

A question I get, mostly related to the evolutionary database design and development. When the pair (team) gets a new feature (story) to work on, the team looks at the existing table/database design and sees if the current design is enough to implement the feature they are working on. If the currency database design does support the feature they are trying to implement, then they do not have to change the database at all, they will move on to implement the feature and change the application code…

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Currently working on a legacy application, thats been in production for a long time now. I wanted to find out what are the Tables and Columns being used by the application. Since we could see that some table columns where not being used. We are using a Object Relational mapping framework on the project, so we decided to write some code that would parse all the mapping files and gives us a list of table names and columns. We used this list to create rows in a table with two columns tablename and…

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When you are refactoring large databases, you will have certain tables that have millions of rows, so lets say we are doing the Move Column refactoring, moving the TaxAmount column from Charge table which has millions of rows to TaxCharge table. Create the TaxAmount column in the TaxCharge table. Then have to move the data from the TaxAmount column in the Charge table to the TaxAmount column you created in the TaxCharge table.


Speaking in Moscow

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Last week I was at SD Best Practices in Moscow, doing a presentation on “Refactoring Databases: Evolutionary Database Design”. Moscow seems like a interesting place, loads of huge buildings, squares, fountains and roads. Things some how feel rundown, feels like a player trying to regain his former ability or glory.

Database Testing revisited

Database testing using persistence layer

2 minutes read

Some time ago I wrote about what it means to do database testing.. more I think about this and having had some strange situations recently I want to add more to the list of things we should be testing.

Database Migration Utility

Database migration framework

1 minute read

I have taken up the hobby of searching the opensource landscape for tools that help me do Agile database development. I'm going to write about all the Tools that I come across that help me, my preference is opensource software but not limited to it. I will try to provide some sound examples and share my experiences with all that tools that I come across and share the example code I used.

Database Testing

What is database testing?

2 minutes read

What does it mean to test your Database? usually when someone mentions database testing, what is that they want to test. The application code that interacts with the database, or the sql code the resides in the database like stored procedures and triggers etc. I see all these aspects to database testing as important.

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