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After finishing the first Refactoring Databases book. I started on a short ebook project, this book was going to tackle on a very specific technical topic mentioned in the first book. I wanted to write about all the specific scenarios and all the techniques I follow on the various projects.

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I have been working at ThoughtWorks for 8 years now, its a fun place to work. Reason I'm blogging about this, ThoughtWorks is hiring in the US, UK, Australia, India, China and Canada. So go ahead send your resume to

Winning a award

Winning JOLT productivity award

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Last week I received the good news. The book I co-authored with Scott Ambler won the 2007 Jolt Productivity Award in the Technical Books category. I was dumb enough not to attend the awards ceremony and receive the award, anyway when I started on the book project couple of years back I was afraid if the book would do justice to the Martin Fowler signature series, under which this book appears. The Jolt award award and all the comments I have received from many people in the last year, put me at…

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I had been on vacation for sometime. Started back work and getting connected with work and life again.

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