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We are using MongoDB on our project, since mongo is document store, schema design is somewhat different, when you are using traditional RDBMS data stores, one thinks about tables and rows, while using a document database you have to think about the schema in a some what different way. Lets say, we want to save a customer object, when using a RDBMS we would come up with Customer, Address, Phone, Email. They are related to each other as shown below. {% img /static/images/customer.jpg 448 367…

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We came across a need to save just the Time in the database, the requirement is to store time of the day, like say the user likes to have Breakfast at 8.15AM and Lunch at 12.32PM etc. Off course oracle does not have a time only data type. So we ended up using DATE as the data type and just setting the time. for example:

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Some environments like to have access to the database tables routed via stored procedures. Instead of using Create/Read/Update/Delete (CRUD) with DML, stored procedures are invoked with the parameters to perform the required operation. I’m not arguing about the benefits/pitfalls of this approach, if you have to do stored procedures, here are some things to look at.

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I have been working on a project that I had worked in 2005, trying to get a handle on what I had done about 3 years back. Exploring code and the database has been fun, also discovering the data layout and building new set of data for production has been extremely entertaining. What I learnt from this whole experience was this if your code(application or other wise) is not expecting data, this data should not be provided or even considered valid by the database, the database should be designed…

Frameworks should not constrain your table design

Don't let persistence frameworks dictate table design

2 minutes read

Recently talking to someone about a persistence framework that they are using, this framework creates a rows in the database table with just Primary Key value and then later on updates the table row with values for other columns. Because of this framework, the tables cannot have any NOT-NULL constraints defined.

When does evolutionary design happen?

Why do evolutionary database design

3 minutes read

A question I get, mostly related to the evolutionary database design and development. When the pair (team) gets a new feature (story) to work on, the team looks at the existing table/database design and sees if the current design is enough to implement the feature they are working on. If the currency database design does support the feature they are trying to implement, then they do not have to change the database at all, they will move on to implement the feature and change the application code…

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