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Materialized views and database links in oracle.

Using materialized views as an interface oobject

2 minutes read

Recently one of my colleague Jeff Norris had a weird error. He was trying to build a materialized view over some tables in his local database and some tables in his remote database using database links the sql to create the view ran fine and provided the results as expected, but when put inside a materialized view statement complained with ORA-00942 errors.

Experience using DBDeploy on my project

Using DBDeploy on my project

2 minutes read

We have been using DBDeploy on my project for more than 6 months now and wanted to show how things are going. First lets talk about set up, we are using dbdeploy in our Java development environment with ANT as our build scripting tool, against a Oracle 10g database.

Database Migration Utility

Database migration framework

1 minute read

I have taken up the hobby of searching the opensource landscape for tools that help me do Agile database development. I'm going to write about all the Tools that I come across that help me, my preference is opensource software but not limited to it. I will try to provide some sound examples and share my experiences with all that tools that I come across and share the example code I used.

Automated Tablespace deployment

Tablespace deployment

3 minutes read

In development mode you don't want to worry about which table goes into what Tablespace in production as it complicates development environments. The production DBA's want to have their input and control over deciding what table goes into what Tablespace. To allow for this I used a mapping scheme as shown below.

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