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The current project I'm on is using MongoDB. MongoDB is a document based database, it stores JSON objects as BSON (Binary JSON objects). MongoDB provides a middle ground between the traditional RDBMS and the NOSql databases out there, it provides for indexes, dynamic queries, replication, map reduce and auto sharding, its open source and can be downloaded here, starting up mongodb is pretty easy.

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We came across a need to save just the Time in the database, the requirement is to store time of the day, like say the user likes to have Breakfast at 8.15AM and Lunch at 12.32PM etc. Off course oracle does not have a time only data type. So we ended up using DATE as the data type and just setting the time. for example:

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Couple of weeks back I was given a choice to upgrade my work Laptop to a Mac Book Pro or a Windows Laptop. I choose Mac ( I know everyone is into macs nowadays). The transition was pretty good, with the exception of moving my oracle database from windows to mac, since there is no native installation of oracle on mac I had to use VMWare fusion to install oracle.

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I have been working on a project that I had worked in 2005, trying to get a handle on what I had done about 3 years back. Exploring code and the database has been fun, also discovering the data layout and building new set of data for production has been extremely entertaining. What I learnt from this whole experience was this if your code(application or other wise) is not expecting data, this data should not be provided or even considered valid by the database, the database should be designed…

Why do Evolutionary Design

Why even think about Evolutionary Design

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Why do Evolutionary Design or Iterative Design or Incremental Design? Everyone who has not worked in an evolutionary manner asks this? My answer, if you think the system you designed is NOT GOING TO CHANGE EVER then sure you can do design once and deploy once and you are done, move on to next project. But tell me one project you have been on, that does not have any changes in requirements, changes in technology, changes in look and feel etc after it was deployed.

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On any machine running network related services like in my case Oracle Listener and Dispatch Services. Don't rebuild/stop and restart the firewall stuff like iptables.

Data Quality and Code Quality

Data quality affects code quality

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Recently we had peculiar problem. Some of the data in the database was not being created in a proper fashion. Once we found that out we fixed the problem in the application. The customer still had the perception that the code is still broken, because the fixed code was now interacting with the data that was broken (since it was created much earlier by code that was broken). Data has a life of its own (more on this later)

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