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Speaking in Moscow

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Last week I was at SD Best Practices in Moscow, doing a presentation on “Refactoring Databases: Evolutionary Database Design”. Moscow seems like a interesting place, loads of huge buildings, squares, fountains and roads. Things some how feel rundown, feels like a player trying to regain his former ability or glory.

Opening Keynote by Jim McCarthy about how teams should operate was interesting, he proposed 11 principals or protocols as he calls them, to be followed by members in a team so that the team becomes more productive, many of these protocols are about avoiding waste and promoting clear communication channels.

While doing my presentation I had live translators which I experienced for the very first time, I also had a hard time trying to understand questions from the audience, since there was no reverse translator who would translate from Russian to English. The audience would try and ask the questions in English which would invariably get confusing.Anyway I think I had a good time meeting all the folks out in Moscow and was pleasantly surprised to find out that ThoughtWorks has a following in Russia.

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