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Search engines have been great to find information on the internet with their ease of use and the ability to find cross linked content with specific keywords. This ease of use is being exploited by scammers and theives. Fake or spoofed websites are being setup for reputable companies (especially mass consumer products), and the links are being gamed so that the phishing websites appear as top hits. Here is an example of a google search for fixing errors with remote scanning on canon printer canon scanner errors

Google search for the term Canon Scanner Error You can see the search results and the first result is from a website when you click on this link, you can see that its not from official Canon company or someone trust worthy as the address in the Contact US link is suspect Company address in Contact US page Calling the number listed, is picked up by a human immediately without any company announcements or menu options etc. Who should be responsible for sanitizing the search results, how can the search engines ensure trust worthy results are shown? could there be ML/AI algorithms that can provide a trust score (similar to email spam filters), maybe a score right after the link to the website, this will stop people from gaming the link travesal gaming.

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